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Real estate buying procedure in Turkey

Real estate buying procedure for foreigners in Turkey

real estate buying procedure in turkeyBuying Property in Turkey is a lot easier than many other European countries. The main part of the procedure is the transfer of the title deed in the land registry Office. Foreigners may purchase land and property in Turkey in their own names provided that properties are located in municipality areas and away from military zones. However, as a matter of routine, all sales to foreign citizens have to be approved by the army base in Izmir. According to the recent laws foreigners who can buy properties in Turkey has been classified according to reciprocity agreement between countries. The citizen of the countries in the following list are able to buy real estate properties in Turkey with the procedures explained above :

Angola Estonia Kenya Senegal
Argentina Finland Lebanon Serbia and Montenegro
Belgium France Luxembourg Slovakia
Burkina Faso Gabon Mali South African Republic
Burundi Gambia Moldova Spain
Cape Verde Georgia Monaco Suriname
Chad Germany Namibia Sweeden
Colombia Guinea Netherlands Turkish Rep. of Nrt. Cyp.
Cote díIvorie Guinea-Bissau Niger Ukraine
Croatia Ireland Norway USA
Dominician Republic Italy Peru Uruguay
England Jamaica Portugal  

However the citizens of the countries such as :


Russian Federation

are required to have special permission from the ministry of foreign affairs. In order to receive such permission the person should have residential permission for minimum 6 months ( 1 year permission recommended ) in addition to the procedures explained above.

The stages of the purchase procedure

Turkish estate agent or constructor company will draw up a contract with buyer detailing the agree terms and conditions of the purchase. A solicitor and legal translator can be present during the signing of the contract if requested by the buyer. This contract should include the delivery of the apartment, payment conditions including all extra charges, renovations according to the requirements and many others which dedicates all aspects for the agreement. And all possible legal surcharges.

Turkish estate agency takes the buyers passport(s) to the notary public for translation. This is necessary for the security and property location checks mentioned above. If more than one name is to be entered on the title deed, both passports must be translated. After this, the passports will be returned to the buyer.

Deposit of the sales price is collected or to be transferred as specified in the purchase agreement.

These documentations and power of attorney is provided either to the sales agent or a legal solicitor in case required by the purchaser. This power of attorney allows the agent to follow all local formalities during the stage of registering the title deed on behalf of the buyer.

The agent makes necessary applications both for registry office, local municipalities, army authorities to complete the formalities. After the approval granted by the institutions given above, the title deed is ready for registration.

Itís legally compulsory for both sides to be present at the entry in the property register ( but if the power of attorney provided then the agent is able to sign at the register office to issue the title deed )

At the time of registering the title deed, the purchaser should pay the purchase tax announced by the local authorities. In addition to the purchase tax, the buyer should pay obligatory insurance for natural disasters, registration for electric and water department.

Necessary documents for applications

  • Passport
  • Photographs (8 per each person)
  • Deposit (as specified in the contract)
  • Turkish currency for notary public expenses

Additional documents for those who needs to have residential permission

  • Tax number
  • Bank account in Turkish bank
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